Thursday, December 4, 2008

He said "I don't want to be in your blog". Can you really say whether or not you want to be in someone's blog? Isn't that like saying"I don't want to be in your mind". He doesn't have control over my mind or my blog.
I should be studying algebra, but I am coming off a three day migraine and I just feel as if it is a lost cause as I am so far behind. Whose idea was this degree completion anyway? Oh..he who shall not be named. I received my associate's degree in '93 and started in on this degree completion in, I don't know' 1997? Anyway, I got serious (as serious as one class at a time can get) in 2004 and I have worked my way up to *drum roll* COLLEGE ALGEBRA. And now, well I have less than 2 weeks left and I am hitting the snooze. I just really want a C and to be done with it. I have had so many challenges to overcome with this class: 1) it is 100% online except for two proctored teacher, no lectures, you figure it out or find a tutor(oh, if classroom intimidation and humiliation doesn't suck enough, try it one-on-one) 2) Hemorrhoid surgery during week two of class (and if you don't know, well, let just say it's hard to factor polynomials while on percocet) 3) a ten day trip to see he who shall not be named during which I did no homework 4) a series of debilitating migraines 
I wonder how many points I need to get a C. I bet I need Algebra to figure it out....

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