Saturday, December 13, 2008

Algebra is going to kill me

My final is on Tuesday afternoon, after my Christmas party at Old Spaghetti Company. I am making one last desperate whine to finish my coursework before then. I have given up on true comprehension and Am trying to hit the high points. I will take the quiz, chapter test and the review tomorrow, then write out my one page of notes on Monday night.
I am so ambivalent about he who shall not be named coming for Christmas. I am no longer angry, no longer desperate, no longer worried about what I will loose(baby, home, diamond ring). I am just a little sad that it seems to be time to face the truth. And I kinda get that it was never going to work out well even if he didn't go away, or we would have had kids, or whatever, because he doesn't like who I am and I don't like who he is. That stuff he said the other night really is true. I have changed...well, I am just more me and he doesn't like me, but I do. So I don't think he should come here for christmas. There is no Christmas here anyway...I am probably agnostic, but I am not Christian (shhh, don't tell anyone). 
I went out for a venti whole milk extra hot misto...yum. I drove around looking at Christmas lights in Willo and Roosevelt. So pretty. He should have bought me a house in Roosevelt like I wanted...nah, I'll just go build my own

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