Saturday, December 6, 2008

but my heart really knows....

I spent the day in a dental hygiene seminar...bottom line, what I do for you doesn't just make your teeth shiny, it could save your life. Periodontal bacteria are damaging to every organ and cell in your body. So, make an appointment for a cleaning and hug your hygienist.
I got home and took the mail out of the mailbox. I got a Christmas card! Why are all my Christmas cards addressed to "mrs. lovely person or current resident" CURRENT RESIDENT?? And it was from my Grandma....
I am at a cross road. I want to live my own life. I want a divorce, but if I don't tell he who shall not be named, he won't ever know. I never follow thru. I always change my mind. For 18 years, I always change my mind. I dream of throwing away everything I own and starting a new beautiful life of my own, all my own. I don't want a child with him. He is snotty and rude to me, would he not be that way with our child? Uh, yeah.
Listening to Jason Mraz, Love Jason Mraz. mmmmmm
Must do some algebra. Not just some, must do all the algebra.

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